Himalayan Blossoms Pesticide/Weedicide Inc

About Us

With over 120 years of combined knowledge and professional experiences in the Agricultural Industry, our conceived interest to advance and promote integrating farming in the Agro sector grew more robust, hence the birth of Himalayan Blossoms.
Our intensive consultancies in Agriculture/Agro Processing started in 2012 and while we have 5 other core businesses we operate; our Agriculture/Agro Processing is the front runner absorbing 70% of our investable capital.

Our Strategies

To minimize the use of these chemicals.
To properly train human resources in its proper uses and total protection against personal effects.
To have medical resources available 24/7 to cater for all emergencies.

More About Us

Our core operations in crops (60%) and livestock (40%) are geographically diversified in the South American Amazonian basin – Brazil, French Guiana, Guyana, Peru & Suriname, and will be centered around “Export Agro Processing Parks” which will be managed by 25 subsidiary companies providing different services to field and factory operations for processing and export to local, regional and international markets.

Main Features

Here will be stored drugs bought directly from the foreign manufacturers/distributors for retailing to individual shareholders and members of the public. These processes will weed out middlemen and reduces cost between 30 – 60% and still make a profit for the parks.


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